Harissa rack of lamb and Fattoush


I had a couple of racks of lamb in the freezer from when the Jacob lambs went off to university earlier this year. I fancied some lamb so decided to cook these. I marinated them with harissa, lemon juice and some other spices, then roasted them in the oven. As we still had our daily cucumbers to get through I decided to make fattoush to go with it.

Harissa Marinated Lamb: lamb, harissa, oil, lemon juice tsp of cumin and coriander, olive oil and a little bit of cinnamon. Mix the marinade together and smear over the lamb. Leave for a bit then cook in a reasonably hot oven until cooked but still pink.


When I took mine out of the oven they were nicely cooked. I left them to rest while we put all the animals to bed (which takes a while). When I came to chop the meat off the bone (James doesn’t like bones, but I do), it had continued to cook a bit more. It was still very lovely, but not as rare as I like it.

The lesson is, if you are cooking this while living on a small farm you might want to make it later (or earlier) in the year when you can put all the animals to bed and then settle down to cook and eat it as and when you want to.


Fattoush: this is basically çorban salatası (Turkish shepherd’s salad) but with pita bread added. I chopped up tomato, cucumber, celery (including leaves), onion and mint and mixed them all together. Then I added some sumac, some home-made pita bread and lemon and oil. It was lovely, but I don’t think it needs the pita – I like my pita bread on the side.

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