Honeycomb for Sale

for sale2.jpg

Over the bank holiday weekend I took some more honey from my hives. but this time, I also took something a little more special – honeycomb.

capped honey

Usually I use wired foundation. Foundation is just a thin sheet of wax that the bees then pull out into honeycomb. They then fill this with honey and finally they cap it with a little wax cap. The wire helps give the foundation a degree of rigidity which helps it survive spinning. I spin out the honey in my spinner (but of course) and then put the empty frames and comb back in the hives and the bees clean out every last drop of honey and put it in a new super. Bees are super-clever and tidy.

bees on spinner.jpg


However, you can put unwired foundation in super frames and then when you come to harvest the honey you can simply cut out the comb full of honey.


Although I put unwired foundation in some of my supers, I forgot to mark them. Quite why I thought I would remember which ones were unwired or recognise them as such after they were pulled out and full of honey I don’t know.

close-up of honeycomb.jpg

In fact this is not quite true, I did mark three frames and these were full of honey at the weekend.

So I cut out the comb.

cut comb

I then spun off honey from the rest of the supers.

empty frames.jpg

I packaged up the comb in little boxes and topped it up with extra honey. As I only harvested three frames this way and as I want to eat a lot of it, there are only a few for sale, but they are available in our back porch.

If you have never eaten fresh, raw honeycomb, it is fabulous. I usually smear it on toast, but you can cut off chunks and add it to salads, eat with cheese, put on icecream …. the options are endless.

for sale.jpg

Possibly on Monday morning I had six boiled quails eggs (thanks Geoff), fresh honeycomb on toast, pearl jasmine green tea and a raspberry smoothie for breakfast – yeah yeah my life is hard…..


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