Tomato and Courgette Curry


This doesn’t sound very appetising, but in fact it is delicious.

We have quite a few courgettes and tomatoes and this recipe (more or less) by Nigel Slater was in the Guardian so I gave it a go last week.


Tomato and Courgette Curry: 6 courgettes; one onion; 2 chillis; 700g tomatoes – chopped; 1tsp of cumin seeds, mustard seeds and turmeric; oil; tamarind – to taste.

Heat the oil in a pan. Add the cumin and mustard seeds and cook for a minute or so. Chop the onion and add to the spices with the chopped chilli – I left a lot of seeds in the chilli and this curry was hot!  Cook for about 10 minutes over a medium heat. Put the chopped tomatoes in a bowl, add the tamarind and turmeric – mash it all together, then add to onions. Add a little salt and mostly cover and let it simmer for a while. Meanwhile chop the courgettes into chunks and coat with oil.I peeled some of the skin off my courgettes as they were a little older – this is optional, but does make them look quite good. Heat up your griddle and cook the courgettes until they get nice ridge marks on them. Add the courgettes into the curry, cover and continue to simmer gently until the courgettes are cooked through.

Serve with rice. We also had it with yoghurt and cucumber (cacik) and pickles

finished dish.jpg

N.B. If I hadn’t been so tired I would have made the presentation look a little nicer. This curry taste creat.


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