Walking – Sizewell to Aldeburgh


I like walking, I especially like walking round here. However, I do tend to walk the same routes. So to encourage me to explore different paths I have created a new category here – walks – where I will detail my walking exploits in case anyone else fancies a walk. I might also take the opportunity of walking to make time to read so it is distinctly possible that the walking section will get hijacked by the odd book review – sorry.

Most walks will be circular and/or involve a pub in the middle!

On the first day of our holiday I walked down the coast from Sizewell through Thorpeness and Aldeburgh to Slaughden and the start of Orford Ness. It is about 5 miles. I mainly walked on the beach except in Aldebugh where due to dog restrictions I walked on the pedestrian path along the beach and through the town.

Map of Aldeburgh Walk3.png

The day started off grey but ended up beautiful and sunny.

view to Aldeburgh.jpg

I stopped halfway on the beach by Thorpeness in front of some multi-coloured houses to read more of Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter. This is a stunning book – the story in poetry-prose of a grieving Ted Hughes scholar and his two boys who, after his wife dies, are visited by the fabulous Crow who threatens to stay until they no longer need him. There is a good review of it here


I agree with all the other reviews that it is compelling, heartrending, delightfully experimental in form and beautiful. Seemingly unlike everyone else I didn’t find it particularly funny. I will definitely read it again and again. It is small enough to sit in my bag so I have taken to carrying it around with me.

The best bit of the walk was sitting with the dog on the beach in Slaughden at the start of Orford Ness and looking at all the blue.



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