Iggy, Ziggy and Zed


We have finally done it, we have goats and they are unfeasibly gorgeous. May I introduce our three Golden Guernsey goats:

Iggy (the older goat on the left – Ziggy is on the right)



and Zed


Iggy was born last year and we will breed her this winter. Ziggy and Zed are sister and brother and were born this year. Zed is a wether (a castrated male). We will breed Ziggy next year.


James thought of the names – really, don’t laugh his alternative was x, y and z. And don’t even ask what he has called our Large Black gilts. Bonus points if you guess why the wether is called Zed. As soon as he asked me, I knew. And I also knew just then that despite the fact we are very different people (well duh….) we are obviously meant to be together. For a clue check the notes at the end ……


Zed and Iggy.jpg

N.B. Zed’s dead baby. Zed’s dead ……..

N.B. I apologise in advance if I become a bit of a goat bore here.

N.B. James is besotted with them, but he has to share!

11 responses to “Iggy, Ziggy and Zed

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    • I haven’t seen this film, but just looked it up. In the interests of research I think I might have to go and watch it. How many films with a relationship to Zed can there be do you think?

  2. I thought you already had a lamb called Ziggy? Apart from the Pulp Fiction reference is there a deeper meaning to the name Zed? I can’t remember the character Zed just the line… Also, I thought you were getting a pygmy goat? And are you really going to eat Zed or is he just a pet? xx

    • We do have a lamb called Ziggy – it is all getting confusing, but James named the goats!. Well I wanted to eat Zed, but he is so very, very cute that we might not eat him, but then again …. goat curry. Pygmy goats will come in the future I think. xxxx

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