September Swimming

me and dog.jpg

It was a long day of ducks and bees so at 4.30 I wanted to go for a swim.

It was windy on the beach, but the banks of shingle protected the shoreline and kept the sea remarkably still. So still there were no kite surfers. It was perfect.

shingle street.jpg

It was cold but glorious – one of the best swims I have had this year.

I am not sure how much Kainaat likes to swim, but he comes in to keep me company

James came along as I was particularly worried about sea monsters.


And of course we played with the frisbee

We weren’t there long – only about 30 minutes – but it was brilliant.


N.B. the question is, can I channel enough heroic wild swimmer energy to keep me swimming here through October and maybe November ?

7 responses to “September Swimming

  1. No jellyfish? I saw jellyfish on every beach I went to in Cornwall, but not so much in Scilly. I am not sure we are brave enough to swim when we come up in October! xx

    • I keep telling myself that the sea is warmer in October than July. Once you are in, it is lovely – it is the getting out that is hard. I might take myt grandad’s dressing gown with me.

  2. Phew!! Heroic indeed! I’m look at this like, she’s crazy!!
    But then I imagine how refreshing you must have felt afterwards and I take it back πŸ™‚
    I’m too am curious to see how long you can go for. November? *shudders inwards*

    • It feels so good and it is such a beautiful place to swim. I have a feeling that I might be all talk, but I want to see if I can go until November πŸ™‚

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