Slaughter Sunday is Back

dead ducks.jpg

My dog eats meat. The ducks had five years free-ranging in the pear garden. They had pretty much stopped laying eggs. We decided that a quick, quiet, unexpected death before the cold of winter sets in was for the best.


We stun the ducks first and then I cut their throats. When I butcher for the dog, I just do it outside – right by the campsite reception – possibly I need to rethink the location!


This is never an easy thing to do, but it is part of the cycle and Kainaat now has more than enough food for at least a month.

Ducks.jpgI am grateful to the ducks for all the eggs they have given us and for the food they will provide for my dog.

5 responses to “Slaughter Sunday is Back

    • It takes us a very long time – especially if I pluck the ducks. Chickens are so much quicker. I am a bit funny about meat and if we can kill them ourselves then that is what I want to do. I feel I need to do it like this. It does mean we are mainly vegetarian though …. which is no bad thing 🙂

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