Silence of the Lambs

sheep in a line.jpg

James took the final five of last year’s lambs to the abattoir this morning and two older ewes – the ewe that for the past two years has rejected one of her lambs (this year it was little Prince who was rejected – see here and here) and evil sheep who had flystrike twice this year (see here) and who terrorises Kainaat.

Last year's lambs.jpg

While I don’t want to keep them all, I was hoping to keep a couple of the ewe lambs for breeding, but it looks like we will be using the same ram again this year and he is their daddy so this wouldn’t be good!


I always feel sad when they go off, especially those that I lambed. There is not much more to say than this.

view frmo the shed.jpg

N.B. the ewe that previously had mastitis and had triplets this year has been spared – we will see how she fares next year.


2 responses to “Silence of the Lambs

    • It is, but you are right, the result is tasty. I agree with you about lamb – why are people obsessed with eating baby animals when the older ones taste so much better. We keep our meat birds until they are between 5-7 months and are full of flavour, but commercially they are slaughtered at around 6 weeks or so! Same with pigs the industry standard is 4 months I think, but we keep ours at least twice this. The lambs we took are technically hoggat as they are 18 months old. I am especially looking forward to seeing what the mutton tastes like 🙂

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