My Grandad’s Dressing Gown

pool2.jpgI like to keep my grandparents close. To have them be part of my day-to-day life. This isn’t that hard given that their ashes are buried beneath a couple of trees on our campsite, we live in their house and sleep in their old bedroom.

James and Kainaat.jpgI also have my grandad’s old towelling dressing gown. The thing is, I am not a big wearer of dressing gowns although I do use it on mornings when it is my turn to get up and make the tea and cut the cake.


I have though found a fabulous new use for it and solved a problem of continuing to swim through the autumn. Once I am in the water, it is fine, but getting out, especially if there is a wind can be a chilly affair. Not any more.

I run out of the water and wrap myself in my grandad’s dressing gown – it dries me off and keeps me warm all in one.



This is from a swim earlier in the week. I swam in the secret pool (lovely but I worried about giant eels), in the sea (the tide was going out and the pull was too powerful so I got out), and in the lagoon (wonderful but I worried about jellyfish).

lagoonWe also found a potential new secret pool in the making.

new pool.jpg

N.B. sitting in bed, drinking tea and eating cake is a continuation of a tradition that my grandma and grandad had – although they ate biscuits, not cake.

N.B. I have also reused the stones in my grandma’s engagement ring and made a new ring and also a belly bar with them so I keep her very close – yeah yeah times change and all that.

N.B. I am perfectly aware that I need to work on controlling my fear of imaginary (and not so imaginary) sea creatures!


8 responses to “My Grandad’s Dressing Gown

    • Eating biscuits in bed is the best – my grandparents had some plain biscuits and some creamy ones – we could have a creamy one, then a plain one and then sometimes another creamy one – grandparents are fabulous 🙂

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