The End of the Secret Pool

waves - into the sun.jpg

I am obsessed with Shingle Street, specifically I am obsessed with its fluidity. It is a place of movement.

Dramatic changes have been happening there. Soon the secret pool will be no more. The high shingle banks around the pool have gone. This is the pool at high tide now – very different to 4 months ago.

sea and pool when full.jpg

The waves have started to wash over into the pool, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the shingle is moved and the pool becomes the sea again.

water coming into the pool.jpg

breaking into the pool.jpg


The same is happening with the spit that forms the lagoon – the shingle has been moved, the beach is flattening out – the sharp drop to the sea is now replaced by a more shallow incline on the seaward side.

the spit when full.jpg


And of course the waves are now crashing over the spit too.



At low tide, it is as if the plug has been pulled out of the lagoon

plug pulled out.jpg


I explored and stepped onto the mud.

muddy me.jpg

I only just managed to get out.

No more swimming in the secret pool for me, not after I found this massive decomposing fish in there.

dead fish.jpg


N.B. The dog wasn’t happy with me taking the photos of the sea crashing over the shingle spits, we got very wet and he thought that if someone was going to be swept out to sea it wasn’t going to be him.

The dog in happier moments



N.B. The secret pool still has water in at low tide, but the space is shrinking – I hope the sea break through soon so that all the fish can swim away.

empty secret pool.jpg

I wanted to swim, but didn’t – I needed to write instead

8 responses to “The End of the Secret Pool

  1. I share your sadness! A moment in “shingle” history. How fantastic the seasons are and how amazing nature is to behold. I do hope it is similar next year, as it’s become a real fav place of mine. Still, there might be further swim treats in store? The wonder of it all. Hope the book writing is coming along.

    • Totally a moment in “shingle” history and I am sure there will be great new places next year. Books is coming along, but still more to go.

  2. Oww such a shame! Please be careful not to get swept away when photographing it !! Oh and are you staying in our front room as that wood burning stove look identical! If you saw the state of my front room you would easily understand how I would missed you in there 😉

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