I used the last of my aubergines to make some more mutabal otherwise known as baba ghanoush. I garnished it with pomegranate seeds as once a year I splash out and buy a pomegranate and pretend I am all fancy and stuff.


We had it with mutton kofte, chickpea dip (not quite hummus as there was no tahini, but it was fabulous) and cacik with some of the last of the cucumbers. It was a feast.

The quantities are not exact – add to taste – make it your own.

Mutabal: aubergines; lemon juice; tahini; couple of spoonfuls of yoghurt; olive oil; seasoning; couple of cloves of garlic.

Cook the aubergine by grilling them, cooking over a flame, or shoving them in the oven – slash them before you cook them otherwise they might explode. Leave to cool and scrape out the flesh from the inside. Feed the skins to your chickens, if you have them, or worms, or compost them – the skins not the worms.


Put the flesh in a food processor with the rest of the ingredients and whizz until it is smooth and tasty. Serve drizzled with oil and with pomegranate seeds, if you are fancy.


N.B. will post recipe for kofte soon – it had my homemade feta in – squeak!


5 responses to “Mutabal

  1. I think the first place I ever ate it was Syria back in the very early 1990s. We were working in Turkey and went there on holiday, met another teacher on the bus from Turkey and he took us to a ‘union’ (I think this is what he said) restaurant hidden away in a courtyard somewhere in the back streets of Damascus. We ate meze, salad and bread and it was fabulous. We slept under the desk in the office of a cheap hotel. I loved it there and always wanted to go back to live and teach, but my life took a different turn…..

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