Best Swim of the Year?


Yesterday was a warm day for the end of October, there was no wind and high tide was just before midday. My friend Alfie had been swimming at Sizewell the day before and I might, just might, have taken this as a challenge.

So when James got home we set off for Shingle Street. It was perfect. Calm, sunny and beautiful.

cold - getting in.JPG

The sea was cold very very cold. I had taken measures though and wore James’ wet suit which is far too big for me but means it is easier to get off after a swim.


The dog came in, but not for long and then he shook himself all over James.

I swam for quite a while in the stillness. There were other people at the beach, but none of them were swimming. Did they not know what they were missing?


This is me staggering out of the sea – I was cold, the bank is steep and it is hard walking on shingle when your feet have frozen!

N.B. Yes, I changed out of the wetsuit and straight into my granddad’s dressing gown and went home like that – this is the sartorial future for the heroic wild swimmer.


N.B. James came because the fear of the imaginary sea monsters has increased after finding the huge dead fish in the secret pool.

N.B. I did not regret this swim 🙂

6 responses to “Best Swim of the Year?

  1. Welll done!
    It was exactly like that last Tuesday. I’ve never seen it like it before. The sea was like glass and the beach still. No wind and very warm for October. However, I wasn’t brave enough to swim. Well done you!

    • On and off over the summer it has been like this – one day there was wind on the shingle but nothing on the sea – very weird. I am not sure I am brave – maybe foolish 🙂

  2. It was lovely down there the day before. It was sad to see the secret pool empty and I’ve terrified the other mums who’s kids have been swimming in it all summer, telling them it was 30 feet deep 😉

  3. Did they not realise it was so deep? My love affair with the secret pool is over …. but next year will bring new Shingle Street delights I am sure.

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