Autumn Harvest


Last bit of sunshine on the tomatoes I picked at the weekend.


I last picking of raspberries.


The cucumbers are still going …. despite the fact i haven’t watered the greenhouse for nearly two months!

I had some help getting the butternut squash harvested



The hugelkultur did the business with the squash. We had over 60 squash – and I planted them out late! They are now all curing in the polytunnel.

I also had help picking the apples


We got two wheelbarrow loads – and that doesn’t include all the windfall apples James has been collecting and feeding to the pigs for the past 3-4 months. Some will go for jelly, some for pie and some we will press into juice!


I also picked the last of our cider apples as the evening rushed in

cidre apples.jpg

For the past month my apple a day has been these lovely spartan (I think) eating apples


On Saturday I sorted out the shallots, onions and garlic which had been drying in the polytunnel.


I also picked about 5lbs of chillis and there are still more of the yellow ones ripening. I have big plans for the chillis – more on that later.


There is also a shift to our winter veggies – harvesting leeks and kale. Although I do really need to sort out my brassica beds this weekend.

leeks and cavalo nero.jpg

And I must pick the tomatillos


11 responses to “Autumn Harvest

  1. Truly amazing! What a harvest this year. I’ve a question. Excuse my naivety. All this veg, how do you preserve it? Make it last? You’ve so much and there’s 2 of you.

    • We have a lot of freezers and I freeze some brassicas, tomatoes, beans etc! The squash and alliums I cure so they will last until next summer probably. I dry the beans and they store well in a jar. The carrots and beetroot stay in the ground covered with a clamp of straw which works OK unless it gets very very cold. The apples I wrap in paper and store in the garage, the potatoes are stored in sacks in the garage. I pickle the cucumbers. Brassicas will stay on the hugelkultur overwinter as will the leeks. Chard I cut back to protect it and then it resprouts in the spring. We tend to eat what will go off first and then the rest. We grow enough fruit and vegetables to sustain us all year round – with the exception of buying some bananas and lemons! Of course at times we just eat the same vegetable but that is OK – lots of chard in early spring and leeks for days! If anything goes off, or is looking to go off it becomes pigs or chicken food so ultimately becomes eggs or sausages – no waste.

  2. You won’t go hungry this Winter, thats for sure !!! I love it when I can pick fruit and veg in my garden and greenhouse.

    • Me too – we are now basically self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables (except for bananas and lemons) and the only meat we eat is our own – slowly getting to where we want to be. I will be excited when we can milk the goats πŸ™‚

        • I have a full time job as a lecturer at a university + we have the campsite and I am in charge of the sheep and lambing, the bees, the poultry and growing food …. oh and the dog. I do help out with the pigs and goats too though πŸ™‚

            • and you are surprised you are exhausted ?? I know what it feels like, I was like that when I was younger…….problem is that many woman have just too much to do on top of their day job, wouldn’t it be lovely if we all had a man who looked afterr the kids, who did the cleaning, the washing, the ironing, the cooking and all the rest that we have to do…..:D

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