Goat Circus

eating trees2.jpg

Due to ongoing union discussions concerning terms and conditions the alpaca disco project is temporarily on hold, but don’t worry I have every faith that an agreement that works for both parties will be reached soon.

In the meantime we are setting up a goat circus.

The goats are quite happy to be paid in access to juicy leaves and basically just love the attention.

Eeating Trees.jpg

Zed is learning to walk on his back legs. To be honest (and don’t tell Zed this as we don’t want to put him under undue pressure as management through fear-mongering is not our preferred strategy here at the smallholding) if he does learn to walk on his back legs – and this is looking likely – then he will no longer be a star of Pulp Fiction, but will have a long and happy life here.

Zed standing up2.jpg

practising standing up.jpg

They have also been practicing their gymnastic display



The show is going to include children (we are not against child labour here)

goat and girl.jpg

But it takes a while for circus goats to look good so there is lots of brushing that needs to be done


gymnastics and brushing.jpg

We are also taking them for walks as it is likely that the goat circus will be so popular that we will have to take it on tour.

taking goats for a walk.jpg

Watch this space for goat circus updates ……

N.B. Zed got his name from Pulp Fiction because he is a wether and thus his use on the smallholding was thought to be limited, but now his acrobatic skills have developed, there is no stopping him ….. plus he is gorgeous.

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