Lamb and Hummus

hummus and pinenuts.jpg

We eat a lot of hummus. It is quick cheap and easy to make, but not, of course from the smallholding.

Sometimes, if we feel fancy I make it and serve it with lamb – this is a really, really good combination.

A few weeks ago I had a rolled lamb breast to use up (from the Jacob lambs killed earlier this year). I thought about unrolling it and stuffing it with dried apricots and other goodies, this would have been lovely, but I was tired so all I did was season it and bung it in the oven for a quick roast.


Meanwhile I made some hummus – whizz up a couple of cans of chickpeas i a food processor with a big spoonful of tahini, some garlic, juice of a lemon, tsp o cumin and a pinch of chilli powder. Add oil and a bit of water and process until you have the desired consistency.


I fried up some (well a lot) of pinenuts to sprinkle on top and made a cucumber and tomato salad.

If I had been feeling energetic I would have made some flatbread to have with it, but as it was we had some old sourdough toasted instead – it worked.


N.B. This was so good, I might need to do it again. If I keep practicing I might even work out how to cook lamb so it is rare šŸ™‚ – actually it would help if I didn’t get distracted by other chores while cooking.

3 responses to “Lamb and Hummus

  1. I make hummus all the time, we’re addicted to it! For a while after we first moved to Australia I didn’t have a food processor but I still made hummus laboriously mashing each chickpea with a fork. That’s love!

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