Apple Juice


We finally did it – last Sunday we made our own juice. The juice on the left is pure Bramley and that on the right comes from a selection of cider apples from the young trees we planted a year or so ago.


cider apples.jpg

We have quite a few apples but use most of them for puree, crumbles and preserves – oh and the pigs get a lot of them.

First we scratted them – this was fun.


We collected the pulp in clean buckets – no really we did wash them first.


Then we pressed them in our new little press.

pressing bramley juice.jpg


I had to taste the juice as it was pressed just to make sure it was up to scratch

fresh juice.jpg

The pressed pulp came out in discs – we fed it to our pigs – they loved it.

waste pulp.jpg

We got about 22 litres of juice and had to suddenly think about preserving it. We thought about freezing it but we don’t have much room in our freezers or many suitable containers.

In the end we bought a Vigo pasturiser and spent Tuesday evening bottling and pasturisng the juice. It should keep in the bottles for 1-2 years – yeah right, if we haven’t drunk it all by March it will be a miracle.

bottled juice.jpg

The smoothie recipe has now changed: stewed apple, handful of frozen raspberries, apple juice, and some home-made yoghurt – just waiting for our own milk now …..


N.B. We invested in a scratter and press as we have planted a lot of apple trees and have slightly crazy plans for apple juice and cider production … after all why not?


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