Heroic Wild Swimmer and Her Friend


Pete and Alfie came to visit. And on Saturday night, after a glass of wine or two, talking about a swim in the morning seemed like an eminently sensible idea.

Of course as Alfie and I are both heroic wild swimmers it still seemed like a sensible idea in the morning as well.

So off we went to Shingle Street with Pete, because obviously if we were going to swim in the North Sea in November it would have to be documented.



Read the sign people – Shingle Street is unsuitable for bathing – but this won’t deter heroic wild swimmers.


Yes we are classy girls, rocking the old dressing gown look.

gettig in.JPG

I wanted to wear a wetsuit but Alfie didn’t have one and it seemed a tad unfair. I did cheat a bit and wore my wetsuit-type t-shirt thing rather than a regular t-shirt.


Kainaat found the whole spectacle bewildering. There were some other people on the beach (all bundled up in coats and hats and scarves!) – they shouted over that even our dog thought we were bonkers – Kainaat didn’t bother coming in …. wuss.

It is probably good that you can’t hear what I was saying!

getting out.JPG

I have to say the endorphin rush is rather brilliant and might be quite addictive…..

b:w shingle street.jpg

We rushed straight home in our dressing gowns for pots of tea and a brunch of leftovers and smallholding yumminess.

N.B. Thanks to Pete for the lovely photos.



9 responses to “Heroic Wild Swimmer and Her Friend

  1. Fair play – you are way more heroic than me. You look like you are not wearing any pants in one of the photos but the later one looks like you are so that’s OK. Eccentricity should only be taken so far….:-) xx

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