Raw Tomatillo Salsa


I picked my tomatillos and all week we have been eating them. I started off by making a raw tomatillo salsa to have with tortillas and chilli. I often make (and freeze)  a roast tomatillo salsa to have poured over enchilladas – see here – but this time I fancied something different and a bit fresher – is this even a word?


Raw Tomatillo Salsa: tomatillos, fresh coriander, garlic, onion, lime juice, chillis – all to taste.

Remove the papery covers and wash the tomatillos. Put everything in a food processor or liquidiser and blitz.


Pop in a jar and keep in the fridge until you are ready to eat it …. easy peasy. Please note the rusty lid of my kilner jar – yay me!

salsa in a jar.jpg

We ate ours greedily with friends, spooned over tortillas with jalapeno peppers, home-made yoghurt and melted cheese.


salsa and yoghurt.jpg

N.B. I probably left my tomatillos a little too long on the vine, but they are still lovely. I have also saved some seed from them for next year’s crop.

N.B. squeakily excited that I might have cracked the thick, Greek-style yoghurt thing …. more on that later ….

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