And Then There Were Two..


I am getting a new puppy. I am going to collect him in a week and a half or so. He is in the basket above – can you guess which one he is?

This is him when he was a few weeks younger


His parents are working sheep dogs from a farm in Worcestershire. Andy and Gill breed a litter or two and train up the pups as sheepdogs before selling them to sheep farmers when they are older. This is their website and as luck would have it the newest blog post is all about a young 18 month sheepdog Odo who has the same mum and dad as my puppy! Odo looks amazing by the way.


Gill took these photos of the little pup for me. Apparently he was the first to open his eyes and to go off exploring.

Here he is at maybe just five weeks old. I think he means business and I can’t wait to meet him.


There will of course be regular updates on how he is settling in. Currently I am thinking of names – and it isn’t going to be Burger Bob …. no it isn’t James and Holly! Any suggestions would be most welcome.

I kind of like Arabic or Persian names, but that being said I am currently quite enamoured with Zephaniah – Zeph for short ?? Or Dylan, or Zengi (after, of course Nur ad-Din Zengi, but of course ….).

N.B. and yes, it is amazing that I get any writing or editing done with pictures of him on my computer!

N.B. Daisy Dog will, of course, never ever be forgotten – she is always in my heart and on the smallholding watching over the sheep – she was unique.

N.B. Kainaat has no idea what is about to happen in his world!

14 responses to “And Then There Were Two..

  1. Oh he is stunningly gorgeous! Re names what about….Jahangit Jahangit for short means ruler of the world or….and I love this one…..Fereydoon! Means the third child (or dog hehe) symbolic? Must catch up soon, xxxx lots of love Helen x

    • I like Jihangir and it would make a nice parallel with Kainaat – the world and the universe + I love the link to the Mughals. I also really like Feridun (I do the Turkish spelling) especially as he was in the Shahname and I love the fact it means ‘the third’. I could also shorten it to Feri which sounds nice and has a good uplift at the end. Ohhh so many choices – thank you for the suggestions. Definitely want to catch up soon – can’t believe how much time has passed – I blame the wretched books. Hope you are both well xx

  2. Oh, Kai is going to be a big brother! This little pup will be the highlight of the campsite visits next year. No more egg collection, we will all just want to pet the puppy.

  3. I just noticed the question mark on his forehead in that last picture. Call him Dr Who or McCoy after Sylvester McCoy, the Doctor with all the question marks on his clothes πŸ™‚

    • I hadn’t noticed that before, but now I see it. I quite like McCoy as a name, but I reckon Sylvester McCoy was my least favourite Dr Who. I could call him ‘Who’ which would cause much hilarity at trials when the judge asks me the name of my dog and I say who ……

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