This is Samuel and he has come to visit the ewes. I think he is quite happy about it. In previous years we have borrowed the 4-horned Benjamin, but this year we have the utterly handsome Samuel.


It took about a week for the girls to get to know him enough to … you know … umm….


02939 was the first to get friendly on the 15th November.

she's my girlfriend.jpg

Samuel has some red raddle on him, so we can see which ewes he has tupped. And then it was 02935 and 230617/11 on the 17-18th.

samuel and the ladies.jpg

red bum.jpg

It is always quite hard to see when Bobtail has been tupped, but she was done on the 19th.


Only 230617/10 was being shy, but she was done this morning. So we are hoping for lots of lovely lambs in about 147 days or so – some time around the second week in April – just in time for Easter!

Here they all are scoffing the old broccoli plants I ripped out of the hugelkultur on Saturday.

eating brassicas.jpg

6 responses to “Samuel

  1. I wish I lived near you so I could come hang out with your sheep. (AND YOU, OF COURSE!) I want to become a serial hugger and just force my arms around all of them. They are so cute. (I realize how weird I sound, but I’m going with it)

    • I totally understand, although, I myself, am more of a goat-hugger. I just wish the alpacas would let me hug them! Although I have to say that I do love giving the lambs a hug although that only usually lasts a day or so unless I have to bottle-feed them – they tend to run off! it would be really cool if you could come to visit one day (although I know you live a long way away) – I would get all the animals ready for lots of lvoely hugs πŸ™‚

  2. I was very nice to meet Samuel (thankfully not in er “action”) on Saturday. He really is a lovely ram and I can’t wait till spring has sprung to meet the little Samuels and Samanthas!

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