Hot Fermented Chilli Sauce


I made some shockingly red, very hot, fermented chilli sauce from my ring of fire chillis. This year I grew some of the plants from saved seed and from my very lackadaisical and unscientific observations, they did as well as the ones from regular seed – they positively thrived in the polytunnel – reason number 49 why I love the polytunnel.


I was inspired by an Instagram friend @jonno_r to make some fermented sauce so that is what I did. To kick start the fermentation process I used about a 1/3 cup of whey from my yoghurt which was originally made using the mesophilic cheese starter culture I used on the feta cheese. I might have put some garlic in, but to be honest I can’t now remember!


Fermented hot chilli sauce: 3lbs of hot chillis; 1/3 cup of whey, 2tsp salt; 2 tbs sugar.

Blitz the chillis in a food processor.

chopped chillis.jpg

Mix in the sugar, salt and whey and pop in jars and seal. Leave for ages to ferment. They will bubble and more liquid will appear. I left mine for 2-3 weeks I guess.


I tried sieving it straight to extract the juice, but it was a little thin so I blitzed it all again in a liquidiser this time and then pressed out the juice through the sieve – it was much thicker this time. I think next time I might just blitz the chillis in the liquidiser to start with.

I got a couple of large-ish bottles of sauce to use and two tiny jars to give to friends. This sauce is hot, but very very good. Next time I will take Jonno’s advice and smoke the chillis first.

chillil sauce.jpg

The pulp hasn’t gone to waste I have put some of it in a large jar with olive oil to make the hottish chilli oil ever. The rest I will cook down with some bramley apples, then strain off the juice to make a clear chilli jelly. The pulp will then get fed to the chickens who I have heard do not mind eating chilli – who knows if this is true or not.

chillil oil.jpg

N.B. I used the chilli sauce in shakshuka last night and it was good – more on that later … and the yoghurt.

N.B. I now also want to make some with the yellow Lemon Drop chillis as I think that would look and taste amazing

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