Garlic and Onion Planting


On Saturday I cleared out the dead squash plants from the hugelkultur, turned the earth over a little and planted a lot of garlic and 200 onions.

For the record the garlic is – from the east Marco (4 bulbs), Cristo (4 bulbs), Germidour (4 bulbs), Thermidor (2 bulbs), Iberian Wight (1 bulb) and Purple Wight (1 bulb). I got them half price from the local garden centre so we will see how they do. I will get some more from the Organic Gardening Catalogue as usual.

The onions were 100 red electric and 100 yellow Senshyu.

Having planted them, I covered them in bags of alpaca poo and old hay from the sheep shelter and feeding area – the latter to act as a mulch.

alpaca poo.jpg

I want to see if planting in the autumn improves yield and size – this is why I am writing about it here as within a week I will have forgotten when and what I planted!

N.B. there were lots of worms in the hugelkultur which is great.

N.B. I still have to weed and prep the rest of the hugelkultur and mulch it ready for winter – and let’s not even mention the fruit cage and beds at the back of the house – hands over ears if anyone mentions the greenhouses or the raspberry and gooseberry garden

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