A Most Beautiful Fence

front of drive.jpg

I have a new-ish found love of all fencing and gates. What money we don’t fritter away on hurdles we seem to spend on fencing and gates.


Our old willow fencing round the front garden that Harold and Kathy helped us put up back when Daisy Dog was just a tiny 9-week old puppy in 2010 finally got battered beyond repair by the gales last winter.

end of garden.jpg

It was time for a new fence. James decided not to buy panels but to make his own fencing. He is getting quite good at the whole fencing business now. He and Jim put in posts back in the spring and then campsite life got in the way as it often does in the summer.

front road.jpg

With a new puppy coming we needed a nice secure area for it and us to bop around in so James moved the front garden fencing up the ‘to do’ list. He built a frame linking the posts and then nailed every piece of featherboard (?) on one bit at a time – he did have a rather fabulous nail gun to do this with – he didn’t use a hammer – but it was still a big job.


I think it looks great.

We have three gates, because ….. well one is for the mower

main gate.jpg

one is so the suction tube from the poo truck can get in to empty the cess pits (no mains drainage here, but it does explain the lovely lush grass in the front garden)

secret gate.jpg

and one isย  … well one is because we have learnt that you can never ever have too many gates or too many water points.

third gate.jpg

I then planted 160 daffodil bulbs on the bank under the trees so it should look good next spring.


We fenced in a bigger area than before so there is lots of space for the dogs and us (but no chickens or turkeys …….). I am sure one day we will get round to planting flowers and doing something with the space – I think it would be rather good to grow food here, but perhaps it would be nicer to make it into a little haven of peace and quiet instead.


N.B. I have every faith that this fence will withstand the zombie apocalypse!

house stone.jpg

N.B. we found this old carved stone all covered over with lichen so we cleaned it up and had the engraving picked out with paint.

8 responses to “A Most Beautiful Fence

  1. I love the fence. I just love it. So beautiful. Gosh James does such nice work.

    Also wanted to lend my voice to support that little voice in you that truly believes this garden is not a space for vegetables but for you and those you love most to share some private time and space together looking out on green and trees. Especially during those busy times of the year when you have no place just to be alone for a few minutes. Your heart and soul and relationships need this garden for slowing down, being in silence maybe, for just being. And your new puppy will love you for having a dedicated space just for her/him to run free in. Don’t you think?

    • I think you are right Chris. So far the puppy loves it. I would really like to plant it like an old English garden with lots of flowers that the bees would like.

  2. I have to agree with Chris here about the front garden. You have to have space just for you and your nearest and dearest, especially in the summertime!!

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