Warmer Waters


Saturday was a beautiful, quite warm, still, end of November day. So, of course, I sent a message to my lovely friend Alfie …. did she fancy a swim ….

She did.

I drove over to Sizewell beach (near Leiston) as she and Pete have a beach hut there. And we went for a most glorious swim.


No photos of us actually swimming as it was only us there, and Kainaat can’t use a phone.

Then we sat outside the beach hut drinking tea, eating home-made brownies and feeling good.


For those of you who don’t know, Sizewell is a fabulous beach, situated between Aldeburgh and Southwold, it is not at all developed and generally there aren’t many people on the beach …… the fact that a nuclear power station is situated right on the beach might have something to do with this.

from the beachhut.jpg

I am not in favour of nuclear power, but ….. and I say this quietly ….. I am pretty sure that the warm water outlets do make for a slightly warmer swim ….. and it keeps the crowds away … there is always an up-side.

power station.jpg

N.B. This photo is from the summer when we stayed at the campsite on Sizewell beach for a few days – but you can see Sizewell A and B powerstations.

N.B. Kainaat came in briefly, but didn’t like the waves very much.



4 responses to “Warmer Waters

    • Beach hut is beautiful, but I was too busy eating, drinking tea and gossiping to take photos. Oh well, it just means I will have to go back for another swim!

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