Dreaganta Kainaat CDex-WDex


This little dog has some more letters after his name this week. On Sunday, he qualified WDex (working dog stake at championship level) at a working trial.


We found the track very difficult and both of us struggled, but we didn’t give up. Despite losing it twice Kainaat kept on searching for it and both times found it again. He then got four articles out of the square and did a super control round with a most excellent sendaway. Being steady to the gun was less successful as he got up, ran over to me and buried his head in my arms! We will work on that!


But I was most proud of his determination in keeping on working when the track got difficult. He really is a lovely dog and I am lucky that he lives with me.


N.B. His gorgeous brother Rory also qualified TDex at the same trial (TD is the top stake in working trials and the one above WD) so another great day for the family – well done Rory.

N.B. I am so not sure we are ready for TD, but we will keep on practicing and give it a go.

6 responses to “Dreaganta Kainaat CDex-WDex

  1. Yay, Kainaat!! And I love your sweet sensitivity even if it isn’t exactly the right thing to have in any given loud moment. Lovely boy.

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