Home-made chips (and celeriac remoulade)


I haven’t made chips for years. My friend George made them for me one evening and they were so delicious I resolved to make them myself. As with everything it took me some time to actually get round to it. I can’t believe I haven’t been eating these at least once a week for the past  few decades!

Last Saturday we had chips for dinner. Because we are healthy people, we had it with a celeriac and white carrot remoulade – perfect. Also I was feeling a little smug as for the first time this year I had managed to grow celeriac from seed – last year I grew them from baby plants and the previous years I had failed spectacularly.


Remoulade: white carrots and celeriac finely julienned; mayonnaise, yoghurt, some double cream, tbs chopped capers; splash of lemon juice and vinegar, seasoning.

Mix the yoghurt, mayonnaise and double cream to taste, add the julienned or grated vegetables and the capers. Season to taste.

celeraic remoulade.jpg

Chips: potatoes, sunflower oil, salt, vinegar. This is not really a recipe, I just want to say that home-made chips are wonderful.

Peel and cut the potatoes into chip-size pieces. Heat the oil in a pan until it is 130C – cook chips in batches for 6-7 minutes and still pale. Remove from pan and drain on kitchen paper. They can sit at this stage for a while. Heat fat up to 190C and cook again until golden. Sprinkle with salt and vinegar if you fancy.


N.B. Yes, my chips look a bit green, the potatoes were a bit green and I took the photo in a rush as I wanted to eat the chips.

N.B. We ran out of tomato ketchup, this was pretty devastating if truth be told!

7 responses to “Home-made chips (and celeriac remoulade)

  1. Running out of Ketchup is devastating especially for my son Ben… I think we go through a bottle a week. Can I ask a quick question? I noticed you said “tomato” ketchup and I have seen that written before. I am wondering if there is another kind of ketchup (I only know tomato)… or is this just the way it is said over there.

    and…. sorry for focusing on the ketchup… the remoulade looks awesome

    • I have just always called it tomato ketchap and not thought anything of it. Some years ago I got into kecap manis which is a Malaysian sweet soy sauce (great in Mie Goreng – we eat a lot of this) so I reckoned that kecap was a word for sauce. But I have just looked it up here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketchup and found out lots of interesting stuff. You do get lots of different types. The word came into English from the Malay (originally from various dialects of Chinese). Now I come to think of it I might have seen (but never tasted) mushroom ketchap. I once made green tomato ketchap, but James didn’t like it because it wasn’t red!

      To be honest I would have taken more ketchap over the remoulade any day. Home-made chips have to have ketchap.

  2. I think I would just grate the veg, can’t be bothered with all that chopping but I love the thought of most coleslaw type dishes as nothing brings out the taste of root veggies like a big dollop of mayo!

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