Zephaniah (Zeph) is here. He is not quite 8 weeks old, is very adventurous, determined, strong-willed and adorable.

Zeph and I have been learning to play with a ball.

He has been eating chicken necks and minced turkey as I raw feed my dogs on vegetables, meat and bones from on the smallholding.

Zeph and chicken neck.jpg

He is doing really well at learning to go to the toilet in the right place – the right place being outside!


He likes to explore


Sometimes he is still and lies down

Z close-up and still.jpg


Kainaat is most definitely not impressed. He doesn’t know what to make of this interloper. Zeph alternates between adoringly following Kainaat around and annoyingly following him around. I guess that line between the two is very flexible!

wait for me.jpg


N.B. Having Zeph has already made me realise and appreciate what a remarkable and calm dog Kainaat is. He was very easy when he was a puppy, I don’t think Zeph is going to be that easy.

N.B. Of course I have started training him, but more on that later……

5 responses to “Zephaniah

  1. OM MY WORD! I’m just going to HAVE to hand deliver a Christmas card to you now! He may find his way into my car when I leave…….. πŸ˜‰

    • Please do come visit him, if you have time. If he does find his way into your car, I am sure you will suddenly decide to drop him back off – I had forgotten how much work a puppy is.

  2. What a beautiful puppy… strange name but awesome dog. Sometimes the ones that are difficult young turn into incredible dogs as they mature… Might be because of all the work you have to put into training them… and yes I am a bit jealous

    • Mainly I love the sound of the name and it can be shortened to Zeph which is a good sheepdog name. It is also the name of a poet in the UK and of course I like the Old Testament connection too. I think he will become a very good dog and I am already putting in a lot of training – need to catch them when they are young as this then lays a good foundation. While puppies are cute, I have to say I enjoy having a well-trained adult dog more πŸ™‚

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