Mutton ‘osso buco’


Last Sunday’s slow cooked mutton dish was mutton ‘osso buco’ from Nigel Slater The Kitchen Diaries 2. I didn’t have bone in lamb steaks so used chops of our mutton. Not much I can say about this, not least because I have a small crazy (but rather unwell puppy) trying to climb up my leg.

Let’s just say it is delicious – the dish, not the puppy!

osso bucco.jpg

Mutton osso buco: mutton chops – I used about 8 as they weren’t that big; large onion; 2 stalks of celery; 2 large carrots; olive oil; 250ml Marsala; little bit of lamb stock; pasta and parsley to serve.

Heat the oil in a shallow pan, then brown the mutton chops. Remove to a plate. Chop the vegetables into small cubes and fry in the same pan for about 15 minutes. Put the mutton back in the pan and add the Marsala. Season and bring to the boil. LOwer the heat, cover and cook until the mutton is tender – probably 40-60 minutes, but it doesn’t hurt if you cook it for longer. Add a little stock if it starts to get dry.

Serve on buttered pasta, sprinkled with parsley. Pappardelle would have been lovely, but we had wholewheat spirals  on the Sunday (I had been at a dog trial all day) and then spaghetti when we had leftovers the next day.

osso bucco2.jpg

N.B. I took the lamb off the bone before serving as James doesn’t like bones!

N.B. Puppy has got the most awful watery squirts which is worrying me – off to vet this morning.


10 responses to “Mutton ‘osso buco’

  1. I love osso buco… but have never tried it with lamb or mutton… looks delicious! I hope the little pup is ok… let us know. (reading “climbing up” your leg and “awful watery squirts” gave me a horrible picture)

    • That made me laugh. He has improved a bit, but it is still a bit squirty. I will give it a few more days and then maybe take him back to the vets. It works really well with lamb or mutton – I was surprised.

        • Feel free to laugh at his expense – I do – it is my way of gettig my revenge at his sheer incomprehensible naughtiness. I have to keep reminding myself that it is his determination and independence that will make him a great working dog …. if I get on top of it that is 🙂

    • It was good and luckily I made enough so we could have leftovers the next day …. puppy still isn’t quite there yet, but he is full of energy so hopefully he will be fine.

  2. Anyone I know who has had a puppy always have a day or two of the dreaded Smelly Horrible Irritating Turd Squirts. Must be a settling in change of scenery and food type thing??

    • He has had it for nearly a week now. I raw feed my dogs so it has been a big change of diet for him, but it is better for him in the long run than the manufactured stuff (in my opinion). I also may have given him some cooked liver treats that I made – errr that was not a good thing for a tiny puppy ….. lesson learnt!

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