Creamed Cabbage with Juniper


No, not that Juniper – we don’t eat our alpacas – but the berry.


Some years we have a lot of cabbage, other times not so much. I have some red cabbages left on the hugelkultur and some lovely kale and hopefully some purple sprouting and some cauliflowers, but I think this might be the last cabbage!

cabbage and bacon.jpg

It is easy and delicious and could be eaten simply with brown rice, but I was in a black pudding kind of mood. It does go very well with fried black pudding (for recipes see here and here) and mash. This is not a meal for light dining, it is solid comfort food just right after an exhausting day swimming in the December North Sea, playing with a rambunctious puppy who at only just 8 weeks old is really testing the limits of my dog knowledge, and doing general farm chores.

Creamed Cabbage: cabbage, 6 juniper berries, olive oil, chunks of bacon or pancetta, cream.

Gently fry the chunks of bacon in a shallow pan. Add the cabbage and juniper, partially cover and cook gently until the cabbage is meltingly soft. I found chasing around after a crazy puppy made the time simply whizz past!  Season, but be careful the bacon (especially my home cured bacon) is more than salty enough for the whole dish) and add the cream, let it bubble for a moment.

Serve with mashed potato and black pudding ….or sausages in the case of James.


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