December Swim and Eccles Cakes


Pretty grim journey home from work on Friday night as there was a fatality on the line. A swim the next day was definitely in order. Kainaat and I left the puppy at home and headed off to Sizewell for our first December swim in the shadow of the nuclear power station.

Beach hut and nuclear powerstation.jpg

Although we swim next to a power station, there is also a beach hut nearby which in December is ideal for getting changed out of wet gear.


After a swim, Alfie made tea and we ate delicious eccles cakes made by my friend Eileen who I visited earlier in the week.

Kainaat chilling.jpg

I like eccles cakes a lot. I have really enjoyed the St John Bread and Wine eccles cakes, and I also love these sold by the Pump Street Bakery in Orford, but quite frankly with this batch of eccles cakes Eileen takes the biscuit, so to speak. It is official, she makes the best eccles cakes – maybe not traditional because there was some dried fig in there and some crystalised ginger, but they were heavenly.


This might becoming a weekly thing ……. the swim not the eccles cakes …. they have all been eaten.

N.B. Bob and Eileen come and stay on the campsite and are like family, I always miss them in the winter.

N.B. It is obviously time I made my own eccles cakes.


6 responses to “December Swim and Eccles Cakes

    • I can’t remember the eccles cakes. I remember the frangipane, the coffee and walnut cakes and the mince pies …. I miss the mince pies, well I miss all of them …. cakes and people.
      How are you all? lots of love xxxx

  1. Oh Tony loves the Pump Street Bakery eccles cakes. Do you mean Eileen of Bob and Eileen who have the little caravan next to the house?

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