Puppy Eyes

puppy eyes4.JPG

Zeph’s training of me seems to be going to schedule. How can you look into these eyes and not be bewitched.

I have also been training him and now he does a lovely sit

puppy eyes5.JPG

and a down on the whistle and with the verbal command

puppy eyes3.JPG

His sendaway training was going really well, until someone (not saying who, but it wasn’t me!) shut his paw in the door. For the last day he has been limping so I have been trying to rest him as much as possible.


This is him over a week ago …. I think he is growing


N.B. update on the poo situation – now I have added bone into his diet his poos are lovely, firm and crumbly …. yeah, like you really needed to know that!

N.B. Now I have access to my phone photos and videos on my computer again I will post a couple of videos on his sendaway training tomorrow …. he is too, too cute.

N.B. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten it is a smallholding blog, there will be more slaughter Sunday, hugelkultur news and farm cooking very soon.

9 responses to “Puppy Eyes

  1. We’re loving the Zeph porn. Wait, that really doesn’t sound right. He’s so, so cute.
    Love ❀️ to the BIG dog too. Go Kainaat. X

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