Puppy in a Cage

puppy in a cage.JPG

Uh oh, the puppy is in a cage – can he he really have been that naughty?

This is not what you think. It is the sendaway cage that my friend and dog trainer lent me. It is to help teach young puppies their left and right sendaway commands.

A sendaway is an exercise in working trials. You have to send your dog across a field to a point indicated by the judge – it could be a gate or a tall tree. The dog doesn’t know what it is running to, you have to teach it to run straight and true until you tell it to stop. At the top level your dog has to be able to  then go to a second place which will be in a completely different place. So your dog needs to be able to move left and right. You teach your dog to run left and right depending on the orientation of your body.

Kainaat loves sendaways, he would do them all day.

Zeph thinks they are pretty cool too. Zeph is a working dog and his brain needs to be used …. he is furiously crazy, but learns fast. He is determined and independent, but understands boundaries quickly. He is going to be great if I keep on training and being consistent.

These videos are from Zeph at 8 weeks old (before the squashed toe incident) – the first one was early in the week and the second towards the end of the week – his down has come on nicely too.

You show the puppy a piece of food in a bowl by a cone. Then the puppy goes in the crate, you blow the whistle (left and right have different sounds) and open the crate ….. puppy runs to food. Then you give the down command.

The next stage is to turn the crate so it opens facing the handler. The puppy is still shown the food and put in the crate but when it opens he/she has to turn themselves and run to the correct cone. We always do left and rights – just 2 or 3 of each …. moving the cone further away each time.

Look at the lovely down on the whistle …. such a good boy, when he chooses to be.

N.B. Off for a day dog training with Kainaat now, Zeph is coming along for the ride. For those interested in his bowel movements (which to be fair is probably only me) …. all is good on that front …. thank goodness for bones.

N.B. Off to do Zeph’s sendaway practice before we leave.



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