Chicken Kiev

chicken Kiev.jpg

Today has been another slaughter Sunday. I didn’t sleep too well last night as I had a series of anxiety dreams about missing deadlines; I scalded my leg when boiling water soaked my jeans; I cut the palm of my hand quite deeply while butchering the chickens; my puppy has been very naughty; and it would have been my Dad’s birthday today, if he hadn’t have died. All in all, not the best day.


The dish above was however, very tasty. I have been looking at a recipe for chicken kiev on Conor Bofin‘s blog for some time and on Wednesday I finally made it. I used two naked neck chicken breasts and they were suitably large. Despite reading the recipe many times I still forgot the lemon juice and garlic in the butter. I would give a recipe here, but I want to go and sit by the fire and have a glass of wine and worry that my cut hand is infected by chicken excrement and will fall off.

So how about as a compromise you go and check out Conor’s blog One man’s meat for the recipe, but I promise next time I make it (and I will make it again as it is pretty easy and delicious) I will remember the lemon juice and garlic.

squash mountain.jpg

N.B. we had it with home grown carrots and mashed squash – got to work our way through the squash mountain. I reckon we have to eat at least two a week.

N.B. All the squash don’t even feature in this photo, we still had more butternuts to collect!

N.B. the hot water is used to dip the chickens in before plucking, it makes it easier, but if you have a big chicken and a small pot full of water you would be best to remember Archimedes and the bath water story, if you don’t want a scalded leg.


9 responses to “Chicken Kiev

  1. Erk sorry for your bit of a shit time but thanks for sharing it with us, its important to know that farming is not all sunshine and buttercups. I just brought home new piglets in the back of the car and two threw up on the way which is a first, although in all fairness to be expected as the technical definition of the drive is twisty turny in extremis. My stomach churned with the smell but I turned to the wee piglets and said “dont worry this is the worst of it, things will get better from here on in, oh wait, there is the electric fence as well, that will not be a great day either, but be grateful that you are not boys cos that’s as bad as it will get for you” And when we got home they ate and drank and had a short but important fight through the fence with my other bigger pigs then they went to a corner of plumped up straw and duly fell asleep ready to fight what I know will be a better day for them tomorrow. And me, once I get the smell of pig vomit out of my clothes and my psyche I will be fine knowing that most of what I do is aimed at giving them a good life free from the stresses of commercial pig farming. I hope your hand heals quick smart, hand wounds are annoying and get in the way of everything.

  2. Oh Claire šŸ˜¦ I’m glad your friends are there to cheer you up or is that picture of Holly from a while back?? Either way take care of yourself as well as the smallholding. And thanks for the education, I had forgotten the EUREKA! moment šŸ™‚

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