Management Chickens

Management chicken.jpg

A couple of weeks ago while feeding the animals I overheard this chicken pronouncing from on high ……..

Right, listen up chickens. We’re re-structuring round here. We’ve brought in some very experienced, overpaid chickens from outside, yes they know nothing about egg laying, bug eating or pooping, but we think the unrealistic, unobtainable and ultimately pointless changes they will impose on you all when they finally decide what those changes will be will take us bravely forward into the next ten years even if it does mean that productivity and morale will crash and your sense of self as a chicken and self confidence will gradually be ground down.

I think we might be in trouble ….. we don’t have managers on the smallholding, just workers – people (well James and me), dogs and other animals who get their hands dirty, work hard and have respect for their fellow smallholding creatures …… I’m not sure we want management chickens running the place.

Why can’t the alpacas be in charge?

5 responses to “Management Chickens

  1. alpacas struggle with the tough decisions and have motivational issues… so they tend to never move up into management… Everyone know that chickens are highly ambitious and they tend to be delegators… holding meetings just so they can tell others what to do and feel important… (while the others just want the meetings to be over so they can get back to the real work)… In fact meetings are a chickens best friend… (hmmm meetings … the alpacas even know that none of them are as dumb as all of them)

    • You are so right about alpacas – they do struggle with the difficult decisions – chickens on the other hand, don’t let such things bother them – it doesn’t matter what decision is made, or even if a decision is made as long as they look as if they are doing something and they create work for others to do. You are so right about their love of meetings too – the more meetings you have the more important you must be …. right ?? đŸ™‚

      • oh those chickens… always showing their calendars schedules complaining about how “busy” they are… Meeting after meeting… talking rather than “doing”…. I had best stop… but what a fantastically ridiculous conversation… I love it… thanks Claire!

  2. I think my company is using the same management chickens as your farm. Trouble is looming. We’ve not had good luck.

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