An Instagram Slice of Life


Happy New Year.

The blog slipped a bit towards the end of December because of the wretched book, the exciting Christmas project and a lovely visit from friends.

I have started the year exhausted and with good intentions. Before we get on to the Christmas project and good intentions the image above is the #bestnine from my instagram @smallholdingdreams – who knew that instagrammy people loved ducks so much and barrowfuls of dead chickens.

The dogs and sheep now have their own account @sheep.dogs.her and here is their #bestnine


N.B. secretly happy that the white currants made it in as well!

N.B. Zephaniah looks cute but he is a terror ….. the sheep already know they don’t stand a chance.

4 responses to “An Instagram Slice of Life

  1. Thank you πŸ™‚ – book has not been going so well – such is the nature of writing. I hope that it will go a little better in the next month, not least because this is when the deadline is …….

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