Tucked up for the Winter


I have spent some time sorting out my hugelkultur beds and tucking them up for the winter. This involves pulling out major weeds and brassicas that have been eaten by some unknown critter, a liberal covering of alpaca poo and then dumping lots of discarded hay on as a mulch. It takes ages, but it is worth it as it will stop them getting infested with weeds in the spring.

I currently have leeks, celeriac, red cabbage, a little cavolo nero and some unspecified brassicas left on the hugelkultur ….. and of course the onions and garlic I planted some time ago.

red cabbage.jpg

The garlic has started to peak through the mulch so I added more.

garlic and celeriac.jpg

I tucked grass strimmings from the polytunnel around the leeks.


As you can see I had a little helper. When he wasn’t eating cabbage leaves he was playing king of the castle ….. he does look a little bedraggled though.

Zeph eating cabbage.jpg


I also redid my paths, screwing some old used roof panels onto the existing pallets – I am not sure how well this will work as today, after the rain last night they had filled up with water …..


The turkeys were hanging out on the hugelkultur, but because of the DEFRA diktat with regards to free-ranging they became puppy food.


N.B. The puppy is trouble, big trouble …. you can see it in his eyes …. look carefully though or you will fall under his spell.

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