Have a Heart

finished-dishMy love affair with offal continues – this is an amazing dish from McLagan, Odd Bits using heart. It is a Moroccan style braise and I wish I had made more of it. The preserved lemon and dates really make this dish. I didn’t include coriander in my version as I didn’t have any, and I included more carrots – as we still have a few in the garden (smug little me) – and dates as I like dates and it is entirely possible that some time ago, worried about the zombie apocalypse and how it would affect my date supply I bought a large box of dried dates …. it turns out that I don’t actually eat that many dates … no worries though I am totally sorted should the apocalypse happen any time soon.


Moroccan-Style Braised Heart: 2 lamb hearts; olive oil; onion diced; 2 cloves of garlic; two medium carrots; 1/2 tsp of ground ginger and cumin seeds; stick of cinnamon; half a preserved lemon; 1 bay leaf; lamb stock; 6 dates.

Brown the heart in a small-ish casserole dish. Remove and set aside. in the same pan, fry the onion, add the garlic and the spices. Deglaze pan with some stock. Add the heart back into the pan and add enough stock to come half way up the hearts. Cover with some baking paper and a lid and pop in an oven set to 140C. Cook for 2-3 hours. Meanwhile slice and cook the carrots in boiling water. When soft and lovely, remove the hearts, slice and set aside.

cooked hearts.jpg

Strain the liquid from the pan through a sieve – squash the onion through. Put the liquor back in the pan and reduce a little over a high heat then add the sliced dates, the skin of the preserved lemon – diced – the carrots and sliced heart and warm though for 2-30 minutes in a low oven set to about 100C.


We ate it with couscous. Serves 2. If I were you though I would make double as then you can have it the next day as well.


N.B. Also sorted for quality Montezuma giant chocolate buttons – plain and milk – you never know when the zombies are coming.

8 responses to “Have a Heart

  1. The recipe sounds delish…except for the heart. lol
    Just can’t bring myself to eat heart. Or liver for that matter. But, with another cut, I could see myself making this. πŸ™‚
    (We don’t waste them, when we butcher, though…our 7 outdoor cats are raw fed, so I add those parts to their food)

    • You could make it with other cuts – I love offal, never used to but I do now. Glad they are not wasted and the cats get to feast. I am too mean to share my offal with our cats!

  2. We seem to have enough tomatoe soup and crisps to last the zombie apocalypse at them mo!?!? Anyways, I’ve wanted to try heart, the rest of the awful offal you can keep! I’ve tried liver and kidneys many times and can’t stand them! Erk I know what kidneys make….

    • Tomato soup and crisps are ideal apocalypse food. Heart is amazing. I find once you have got over the whole eating an animal thing I don’t mind which bits i eat as long as they taste good. I used to hate liver as a child, but now I really like it ….. sometimes you just need to try things cooked a different way. Then again I hate cooked brussel sprouts however they are cooked so I understand if it just tastes vile πŸ™‚

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