Christmas Polytunnel Project


We don’t celebrate Christmas, instead we do special Christmas projects that help us to do something new and crazy on the smallholding. Early projects have included building an alpaca shelter (so we could get the alpacas); building a sheep shelter (ready for lambing); building a duck pond (so we could hatch out lots more ducklings).

This year we worked on the polytunnel.

But why you ask?  …. so I can start growing more food so we have enough home-grown vegetables and fruit to supply my pop-up cafe. The idea behind the food-truck is to use all home-grown veggies, fruit and meat.

There are no before pictures of the polyytunnel but it was sporadically covered in black plastic (laid down to kill the grass organically), there were quite a few weeds (and quite a bit of grass; old grow-bags and lots of general gardening crap.


We spent Christmas Eve clearing it out – luckily James had brought power over to the polytunnel so we could have lights and work after dark ……

christmas Eve.jpg

On Christmas day we started rotatilling (well James did) and digging out the rest of the grass and weeds (me).



This was our Christmas lunch – a soup and sandwich picnic in the polytunnel. Don’t feel bad for us though, we did have home-made pizza and champagne while watching Dr Who in the evening.

Christmas lunch.jpg

As the puppy is too small to go on long walks we didn’t do our usual Boxing Day walk but stayed working on the polytunnel. We laid weedblock down and started building the decking path and sitting area.

building the decking.jpg

I also planted some peach, apricot, sharon fruit and pomegranate trees as well as some grape vines.


trees planted2.jpg

Kainaat helped.

Kainaat helping.jpg

Zephaniah didn’t – he repeatedly ate the pomegranate tree which culminated in a bit of a confrontation …. let’s say no more about this.

bored bored bored.jpg

Another picnic lunch


Once the decking was up we started on the staging.

building staging.jpg

It is looking really good.


My deckchair is in place


But someone else seems to have taken a liking to it


Next week some topsoil for the one raised bed and some compost is coming in to enrich the existing soil and we are gradually moving in the various pots and stuff that will live under the staging. I am looking forward to planting it up really soon. But in the meantime we have been using it for goat fashion shows ….. I mean why wouldn’t you?

walking goats.jpg

N.B. the day I get my first pomegranate will be a good day indeed – luckily for me I had a back-up pomegranate tree – you don’t mess around with future pomegranate supply


6 responses to “Christmas Polytunnel Project

    • HI Nath, the tree is probably a year or two old – it is tiny – only about 20 cm high – shorter now Zeph ate some of it. I just hope it get one pomegranate in my lifetime! We already have a small truffle copse of oak and I think hazel trees growing – Jeff and Kerry gave us the first tree and we thought it was a great idea so planted a few more. Hopefully there might be truffles in 6-8 years …… love to you both as well and Happy New Year xxxx

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