Sheep work

with Samuel.jpg

Over the past two weeks I have started to introduce Zephi to the sheep in a working context. In other words I have let him lose on the sheep.

The sheep don’t really have to worry though as Zephi is far more interested in eating their poo  or their hay than engaging with them.

Zephi eating hay.jpg

Kainaat has tried his best to offer guidance


I can just hear him saying,

“Look, I have gathered them together for you, just run around them to the other side”

Kainaat giving advice.jpg

“No, listen, when she says come-by we run clockwise round the sheep”

giving advice2.jpg

Zephi does have some presence though, even while eating poo as this little video shows – I like the way Kainaat is being helpful.

This is him looking a bit interactive in the corral shortly before he was headbutted by one of the sheep! Don’t worry he bounced back up and started eating poo again.

N.B. work is currently awful with too many deadlines all descending on me, an inability to sort this chapter out and now a wretched index to prepare for a different book – I am so not happy.

N.B. I should probably have explained at the beginning of the post that none of us really know what we are doing, not me, not the dogs nor really the sheep – on second thoughts, the sheep are probably the most competent of all of us.


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