Happy Pigs, AI and floppy ears

large blacks2.jpg

We have been watching the Large Blacks’ heat cycles to ascertain the best time to impregnate them with AI. We think we have a good idea now and will probably do it in a couple of cycles time – we want the piglets to be born in the good weather as we don’t need to make our first time farrowing harder than it needs to be. Also it does mean that there will be piglets needing cuddles on the campsite this summer.

Large blacks.jpg

The other pigs have been escaping and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans, but they are happy and blissfully unaware of their future as bacon and sausages just in time for the new camping season.

Pink pigs.jpg

May you get some carefree and gleeful running around time today 🙂

4 responses to “Happy Pigs, AI and floppy ears

  1. Do they fall over when you tickle their bellies? Thats a great trick for the campsite kids. I nearly always have a pig dragging around behind me hoping I will tickle its tummy. Its quite interesting how they resist at first, then quickly succumb, all except one, that one thereafter views its litter mates as weak and ineffectual and a traitor to all that it means to be a pig. Which of course is to eat anything that passes by or may pass by or has the potential to miraculously find its way into a foodbowl on the 5th look see. Gotta love a pigs positive outlook.

    • I haven’t tried this. I will definitely try with the piglets – the kids would certainly love it 🙂 Love your definition of what it means to be a pig 🙂

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