Farro and writing angst


Not sure why it took me so long to discover farro, but I have now and it is brilliant.

I needed an emergency dinner on Thursday – writing the index for my Ottoman textualities book was a not particularly welcome surprise especially when the deadline for the Liberating Histories book is zooming towards me preparing to whoosh past – to say nothing of the editing I am involved with, preparation for a new semester and a number of other quite exciting presentations I need to prepare forΒ  – let’s just say there is currently not enough time in the day, hence the lack of posts.


This dinner was shamelessly influenced by (read here ‘copied from’) the wonderful www.foodisthebestshitever whose recipe (here) includes herbs and other lovely stuff …. Mine was the winter, vegetarian version as we have no herbs at the moment and we don’t eat that much meat and had been devouring roast pork and braised red cabbage all week – leftovers from a delicious dinner we cooked with lovely friends on Sunday.

Farro and roast carrot and onion salad: farro, onion, carrot, stock, lemon juice, oil, seasoning, leaves to serve (optional) some vinaigrette.

So I cooked the farro in some water – I added a little chicken stock (you could use vegetable or just stay with water) towards the end for flavour.Β  While this was happening I popped some of our stored carrots and onions into a roasting pan with a bit of oil and umm ….. roasted them.



I then mixed the farro with the roast veggies, added a little lemon oil and some lemon juice and served it on some watercress I had dressed in a balsamic and oil vinaigrette. We had it with a bit of Ragstone cheese on top, but I think it was better without. I think it would be good with a bit of preserved lemon as well.


N.B. the writing isn’t going particularly well, but I hope things will improve soon – I guess this is the way it works, sometimes all the ideas slot into place, other times they don’t. Time to think about stuff would certainly help, but time is in short supply here. I haven’t even bought all my seeds yet or started planting …. or got myself a smart new propagator, but this might be put on hold as I want to convert our old front porch into a propagation room …. I mean why not?



4 responses to “Farro and writing angst

    • Thank you …. I reckon it will. I have just tried to write too much in the past year and not spent enough time growing and cooking food – all out of balance.

  1. Im pretty sure that Farro is on the shipping forecast near cromarty and finistaire! What does it taste like? It looks a bit like barley and I wonder if it has that nutty taste that some of those good big grains have? Hope the drought breaks soon and the writing flows again.

    • It taste like barley – it is lovely and does have a nutty taste – I really recommend trying it. Writing better start again soon as the deadline looms 😦

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