Planting in the Polytunnel


On Saturday I started planting in the polytunnel. I started off some broadbeans, mangtout and early peas in gutters – hopefully mice won’t climb up onto the staging to snack on them. Once they come through I will then plant them in the ground for an early crop. The main crop of peas and beans will go into the fruitcage where we already have pea fencing put up from last year.

planting beans.jpg

I also planted some onion seed, some chillis from saved seed and some tomatoes inside the house on my little heat pad.

indoor seeds.jpg

As I was rooting through looking for the beans and peas I decided to sort out my seeds and order some new ones.

seed sorting.jpg

The dogs helped, well they sat by the fancy new shed.


Why do I have a plastic shed in my polytunnel? Well, we have irrigation and there are some things I don’t want to get wet like the deckchair and tea making stuff …. oh and the tools and notebook of course.

I was so incredibly happy planting the seeds, I nearly burst with excitement.

When I sat down for a moment Kainaat came and snuggled me – he is a very snuggly dog.


And he kindly cleaned my glasses that had got messed up with soil.


Zephaniah is crazy so he just shredded the edges of the weed block.


I also watered the fruit trees (no irrigation when the temperature goes below freezing) and looked for signs of life ….. this is the kiwi


N.B. Zephi is on a long line in the polytunnel to stop him eating what remains of my pomegranate tree!

6 responses to “Planting in the Polytunnel

  1. I am loving the polytunnel. I have a tiny little plastic greenhouse…. just enough room for some staging and a tiny potting bench and a chair. Just sitting in it makes me feel better. Sadly the children have worked out I like hiding there so I may have to work on some fancy lock to keep them out!! Really looking forward to seeing pics of your produce as the seasons progress πŸ™‚

    • I squeak with excitement everytime i go in the polytunnel. I have to find out a way for people not to know that I am in there – the front doors open on to the campsite – I might plant my sunflowers in front of them and then I will be able to hide inside πŸ™‚

      I love that you have a chair in your greenhouse – essential gardening equipment πŸ™‚

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