Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop.jpg

Iggy Pop is back from an extended stay with her boyfriend. I really hope she is pregnant. If she is, she will be due sometime between May 1st and mid-June – we don’t have any more details than this!

I missed her a lot and I am really glad she is back.

Me and Iggy.jpg

Please note what a classy dresser I am – your hat is still keeping me lovely and warm Sheena – thank you 🙂

The Zee-twins (Zed and Ziggy) seemed pleased to see her.


Then Zed decided he should show her who was boss.

bit of an issue.jpg

Yeah right Zed …. never mind the fact that you are a wether (and thus of limited use unless you are in my freezer) combined with the fact I really like Iggy Pop – you still have Iggy to contend with.

getting sorted.jpg

Iggy Pop doesn’t put up with any nonsense. She is my kind of girl.

nearly there.jpg

It all got sorted very quickly and Iggy Pop is still in charge which means no goat curry for us ….. just yet …..


2 responses to “Iggy Pop

  1. I had goats when I was young… but we never ate any of them. We used them for weed control and milk. Does this qualify me to be part of “goat lovers anonymous”?… something about saying that makes me uncomfortable.

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