On the beach


Turns out Zephaniah is scared of traffic and the sea. This is devastating news for a heroic wild swimmer.

I haven’t been able to take Zephaniah out and about much as he didn’t have full vaccination coverage. Although I carried him around Woodbridge 4 or 5 times it isn’t the same. Zephaniah doesn’t see cars in his daily life (lucky dog) he just hangs out with sheep and pomegranate trees.

Zephi in cafe.jpg

Anyway last week his vaccination coverage was fully operational so I have a window of time to socialise him to all sorts of new situations while he is young enough to deal with them easily. I first took him to Woodbridge – he wasn’t keen on cars although he was perfect in the cafe! So in an attempt to get him used to traffic we went to the next village and walked along the pavement – he still really wasn’t too happy with the cars.

After this I thought I would take both dogs to Shingle Street so Zephi could run on the beach and see the sea. Yeah right. My brave little puppy is a scardy-cat. He was terrified of the sea and wouldn’t go near it. And then he vomited on the pebbles!


Anyway on Saturday we decided to go to Bawdsey to see how he liked the river. This was a little bit better. Although in the top photo he still looks pretty queasy – this could of course be a result of my driving! He started to like the beach once he discovered seaweed.

eating seaweed.jpg

As a bonus the cafe was open so we went in and I had a coffee. Both dogs were really good.

N.B. since the weekend we have been to town again and Zephi has been much more relaxed around cars. He has also been really good inside and outside cafes and utterly adorable in the shops that allow dogs in – he snuggles up to everyone doing a cute puppy dog look and doesn’t jump up!


N.B. he was so good I gave him half a pig’s head when we got home


but it turns out his teeth are still too little to properly munch through it.

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