Eating from the Garden


Apparently, there is a shortage of iceberg lettuce and courgettes in the shops  – um duh of course there is, it is winter. Seriously people, what happened to eating seasonal, local food?

There are a lot of tasty veggies that are in season right now or that you could be growing in your garden.

I am always surprised that we do have enough fruit and veg in the winter, but we do – it is amazing and largely accidental. This is what I currently have in my garden.

Red cabbage and celeriac


Carrots and beetroot

carrots and beetroot.jpg

Swiss chard


Self-seeded coriander in the cold frame


Some white sprouting broccoli that will be ready in a week or so

white broccoli.JPG

And we have lots of stored potatoes, apples and squash


As well as beans, mangetout, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli,  and various currants in the freezer.

You really don’t need a lot of time (or space) to grow veggies, I work full time at the day job and at weekends I am the shepherd, beekeeper, dog (and goat) trainer, chick-hatcher cheese-maker and chicken killer/butcher here on the smallholding as well as growing all our fruit and veggies. It is amazing what you can do with a few hours a week. Really, if I can do it then anyone can.

Go on grow some food, or buy some from the smallholders, allotment gardeners and small farmers who are growing food near you.

N.B. we have cavolo nero as well, although a blackbird ate the rest of my kale and my purple sprouting broccoli.

N.B. That said I am really looking forward to some courgettes in the next couple of months!

8 responses to “Eating from the Garden

  1. Have you made a beet, carrot and apple salad? If beets and carrots are cooked just right it works well with a drizzled of balsamic dressing.

  2. The iceberg rationing made me laugh…..who in their right mind eats iceberg lettuce anyway. It remind me of my mums terrible attempts at salad….horrible stuff. So many much tastier and nutritious options available 🙂

    • I know. I secretly don’t think that iceberg lettuce is really grown, I think they make it in a big vat using chemicals. I probably need to get out more …..

    • Oh, thank you – I love thinking about the new season, but then I get all anxious as my greenhouses and beds behind the house are still a right state …. so much to do and so little time ….

  3. The photos are fantastic! I love the rough-beauty of the celeriac and cabbage.

    We have a 1-acre 4-season market garden and currently have spinach (very cold hardy), carrots, mesclun salad mix, and young turnips. It was a lot of work setting up, but it wasn’t hard to understand. With a little planning and a lot of effort, every household with a yard could have fresh veggies all year long.

    • How exciting – your market garden looks great (as does your blog). Growing your own food is definitely achievable even if you only have a little time and land.

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