These two little girls turned up on Friday – squeak. Although we really hope our large blacks will farrow and produce plentiful piglets this summer we want to make sure there are enough sausages and bacon for our campers this year so we picked up a couple of Large Black/Tamworth crosses. They are gorgeous.

This is James getting them out of the landrover and popping them in their new home


Shortly before this one decided to make a bid for freedom


She said hello to the other Large Blacks


and then went for a pom around

on a mission.jpg

We eventually managed to herd her back into the corral with her sister and they settled down in their new fluffy bed.


These aren’t great photos but they are super cute

They make the cutest little sounds

Pig world, just before we dragged the upended ark across to a new position yesterday – not easy!

pig world.jpg


3 responses to “Piglets

  1. Ahh this just brings back such great memories. The noises when content, munching and escapees.
    I totally agree cute and lucky summer campers! 😀

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