First eggs of the year in the incubator. Heritage Maran (dark brown) and Ixworth (cream) eggs from our little breeding groups that we hatched out last year. Fingers crossed we chose the right cockerels to eat and the right ones to keep!

Expect hatching to commence on St Patrick’s Day – 17th March.

The aim this year is to hatch out enough hens to keep us and our lovely customers in eggs next year and to supply the food truck without having to buy in any hybrid hens to lay.I therefore hope that these young pullets will be the last hybrids we have to buy – they are super cute and friendly but I really don’t know the conditions in which the hens that laid the eggs that hatched out to become these pullets are kept.

new hens.jpg

I will probably still buy/swop some fertile Ixworth, Maran and Rhode Island Red eggs to ensure we keep diversity in the breeding groups. But I will source these from other smallholders and small farmers where I know how the chickens are kept.

This way we make sure our eggs are completely separate from the big chicken industry. Fighting the system a little bit at a time in our own slightly chaotic way.

6 responses to “Incubation

  1. How many hens do you altogether. I saw from another post you had 12. Have you more than that?
    We used to have 9 but 4 had to go. So once the influenza threat has eased I’ll be getting some more again.
    I might incubate again in time but not at the moment. Good luck with yours. I’d be interested to hear how many cockerels you end up with.

    • HI Kitty, we have loads of hens – 49 I guess. I imagine we will get a 50/50 split, but that is OK. We are breeding dual purpose (meat and legg laying) birds (Marans, Ixworths and Rhode Island Reds) so all cockerels will be grown on over the summer and then we will eat them – no waste.

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