The instructions say “if the semen is flowing out onto your boots the sow is not going to get pregnant” – makes sense I suppose.

So I guess we will have to hope that the AI I did on Saturday worked then, as according to the instructions the pig isn’t going to get pregnant from today’s efforts.


Our pigs came into heat. Unfortunately our friend hurt himself so couldn’t come round to help. You can’t delay these things, timing is crucial.  There was no other option, we were going to have to do it ourselves.  James pushed down on the back of the pig and I did the business – it worked – I was amazed and a little shocked.

I have an overactive imagination – I refer you to my fear of imaginary sea-monsters. I have seen the film Hannibal and I know that pigs can eat through human bodies. Our Large Blacks are large pigs. Even though our pigs are friendly – very friendly – every time I am near them a little voice in my head (you know the one) whispers that they are about to turn around and eat me   I spent the whole time hoping she wouldn’t eat me – obviously she didn’t. She was totally relaxed about the whole thing – I wasn’t.


Fingers crossed for piglets.

Umm, so what did you do at the weekend?


9 responses to “AI

  1. Nothing as brave as what you’ve achieved this weekend. Well done you!
    I’ve taken another booking for the cottage for next weekend. Finished a green paint pot – need to buy another and complete some more jobs around the farm. Dug over the vegetable patch…just those sorts of things really.

  2. Hehehe! You shouldn’t ask a night nurse what she was doing on a weekend shift 😉 There are some things we do that only NHS staff talk (and laugh) about……

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