Indestructible Cockerel


We have a rigorous cockerel selection programme here – we want to make sure we keep the right ones for breeding so there is a tough series of tests for them to undergo.

So do you reckon that this one survived the flying roof of death test?


Amazingly he did.

When James found him he was still gasping for breath. James removed the roof and carried him to the feed shed where he left him while he went for the axe, thinking he would need to kill him to stop him suffering. When he came back the cockerel had perked up and was perching. By the next morning he was bopping around and we introduced him back to his girls, only a dent in his comb as evidence of his trauma.


I should add that it was Storm Doris who was responsible for the flying coop roof – we do not really put our cockerels through rigorous tests. We look and see which ones look healthy and are doing a good job looking after the girls and we eat the others. We also eat any mean cockerels (see here) – zero tolerance here.

N.B. The dent has gone now – so fingers crossed he is fertile.

8 responses to “Indestructible Cockerel

      • I should think he is the only egg laying cockerel the blue eggs are just a bonus! Glad he survived.

        • 🙂 I hadn’t thought of it like that – it is because I call the hens blue-egg laying hens so he must be a blue-egg laying cockerel – but you are right if he laid eggs that would be amazing in itself … blue ones would simply be a bonus 🙂

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