Shingle Street Changes


A few weekends ago friends came to stay and we went to Shingle Street.

There have been big changes. The spit that forms the  lagoon has been flattened and has extended towards the shore. At high tide parts of it are now submerged.

spit back to beach.jpg


We took the dogs – kill or cure treatment for Zephi.

walking on the spit.jpg

He did really well until I wanted to walk to the end of the spit and as the tide was coming in the waves started to wash over the shingle and Zephi’s paws.


Holly and dogs on the spit.jpg

He lay down and I had to carry him back to safety.

The heroic wild swimmer needs to teach him to swim very soon otherwise he won’t be able to come on adventures!

On the way back the dogs wrestled Jude to the ground and pounced on him – such savage beasts

Jude being attacked by dogs.jpg

It was a brilliant time. now I can’t wait for Easter when I will definitely be going for a swim.



N.B. Of course I am still swimming in the sea – this past Sunday I swam with my heroic wild swimming friend at Sizewell. It was cold, but I am sure the sea was just slightly warmer than earlier in February.


6 responses to “Shingle Street Changes

    • Ahh, but you never know. I was a screamy-squeaky woosy summer swimmer only last year – I am still not sure how I became a heroic wild, winter swimmer 🙂 xx

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